ITT Administration

Initial Teacher Training provider data systems

Our Teacher Training Recruitment Database enables you to track the progress of your applicants, recording interview feedback and targets which you can then transfer into you Teacher Progress and Partnership Database once they're officially on your programme. 

This product enables you to:

  • track your applications to date;
  • record interview feedback;
  • generate interview outcome reports;
  • track the status of individual applicants;
  • create a baseline of information and starting targets for applicants who then become trainee teachers on your programme;
  • track reasons for applicant rejections.


Our Teacher Progress Trainee and Placement Databases are crucial for your administrative needs, as it they enable you to keep appropriate trainee teacher records and key information about partner settings used for their school placements. These databases can be used for the following purposes: 

  • monitoring trainee performance, progress and outcomes against the Teachers' Standards and by placement setting;
  • keeping up-to-date records of your partner schools/colleges, along with key training information;
  • enabling mentors to input key progress data and monitor trainee progress;
  • compiling data reports based on key outcomes, meeting the needs of evaluation and improvement planning and enabling you to have OfSTED required data at your fingertips.